The highly-anticipated marriage between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton may have hit a stalling block, at least if ex-husband Gavin Rossdale has his say. Stefani is looking to annul her 13-year marriage to Rossdale who has reportedly challenged her formal petition to the Vatican.

Stefani, 49, is a devout Catholic that wants to have her marriage with Shelton, 43, recognized by her religion, which is why she needs an annulment of her marriage to Rossdale, 53. The marriage between Stefani and Shelton has been put on hold until the No Doubt singer can receive the annulment she is desperately seeking.

“The church cannot condone a marriage after a divorce — unless the marriage isn’t recognized in the first place and Gavin refuses to say their marriage never existed,” a source for Radar Online said.

Rossdale reportedly was furious that Stefani wanted the annulment and refused to give in to her request.

“Gavin isn’t going to pretend he wasn’t married just because it makes Gwen’s life easier. He thinks it’s wrong and stupid. He isn’t going to let Gwen sweep their marriage under the rug.

“Gwen’s biggest nightmare is coming true! Gavin is refusing to play ball,” the source added.

Part of the reason that Rossdale may be putting up a fuss about the annulment request from Stefani is their three children would be considered illegitimate in the eyes of the Catholic church.

“This is turning into a disaster because the kids are caught in the middle of this ongoing war,” the news outlet source said.

This may have put a wrench in the plans for Shelton, who Radar Online said, doesn’t care whether the wedding moves forward in a Catholic church or not.

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