Over the weekend, millions of gay, lesbian, and transgender men and women celebrated at Gay Pride festivals and parades around the world.

The 18th annual Pride Fest in New York City had even more reason to celebrate this year as the New York State decided to legalize same-sex marriage just two days prior.

A sea of rainbow-colored flags swept through the streets of Paris as the LGBT community made its voice heard loud and proud.  France's National Assembly rejected a Bill two weeks ago presented by the opposition Socialist Party seeking to legalize same-sex marriage.

Berlin's gay Mayor Klaus Wowereit spoke at the German capital's pride event.

The support of many people from all walks of life sends a strong sign against discrimination, he said.

He expressed solidarity with LGBT people in less tolerant parts of the world, particularly Eastern Europe.

Mr Wowereit's point was underlined in St Petersburg where police arrested 14 gay rights activists trying to hold an unauthorized rally.

The world's largest Gay Pride parade took place in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where nearly 3 million participants paraded down the main avenue in the country's business capital, showing their pride in a rainbow of colors and festive music.

A huge number of people came out to celebrate across Latin America including in Mexico City where thousands paraded through the streets to the main Zocalo square.

Here's a look at this weekend's celebrations across the globe: