It will be a day of tough love and surprises for the residents of Port Charles. On the Thursday, June 28 episode of “General Hospital,” Jason will turn to Sam after his plan for Carly fails, while Michael tricks Nelle into believing he loves her.

In the promo video of the ABC soap opera, Sam (Kelly Monaco) tells Jason (Steve Burton) if Carly (Laura Wright) isn’t going to think for herself, he’s going to have to do it for her. Jason has been feeling pretty hopeless since he was fired from Ferncliff.

Jason was posing as a janitor because he didn’t think Carly would last too long without someone by her side while she was locked away. Now that he has lost his access to the facility, he is worried Carly will attempt to break out and make matters worse.

In the past, Sam accidentally gave Jason the idea to find a way to get himself into the institution for the criminally insane. Perhaps this conversation will end with a similar result?

Elsewhere in the “General Hospital” promo video, Michael (Chad Duell) asks Nelle (Chloe Lanier) to be his wife so they can become a family

In the previous episode, Nelle ran into Chase (Josh Swickard) at Kelly’s and he told her they needed to have a conversation. As they went to grab a table, Chase caught a whiff of the cologne Nelle was carrying and remembered the scent from his night with Carly at the cemetery.

When Chase asked about the distinct smell, Nelle brushed it off, claiming a customer must have put too much on. Chase then told Nelle that she didn’t belong with Michael and they were just alike.

As Chase held her hand, Nelle spotted Michael walking into Kelly’s and quickly turned on the cop, screaming at him to let go of her. Michael rushed over to confront Chase, while also calling him out for sending Nelle a shirt from the Florida town they lived in.

Although Nelle sees Michael as a protective boyfriend, viewers know Michael actually looked on Nelle’s laptop and discovered she sent the shirt to herself in order to make it seem like Chase was threatening her.

“GH” spoilers reveal Chase makes a promise. After Michael threatens him with a restraining order, he takes Nelle home and declares he is ready to make an honest woman out of her.

While Nelle believes she finally has it all, Chase’s new vow may ruin everything that she has worked for.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.