Jason and Sam finally made some progress in their investigation of Henrik, while Drew has been doing his best to continue life without Sam. On the Wednesday, April 25 episode of “General Hospital,” Spinelli attempts to force Sam and Jason together as Drew takes control of his life.

In the previous episode, Jason (Steve Burton), Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) learned the picture attached to Henrik’s file at the bank wasn’t real. It was actually a composite of hundreds of faces.

They also found papers with codes and a “conundrum box,” which could only be opened by a specific person or it would explode. After gathering all of the information, the three triumphantly left the bank, but it looks like Spinelli has one more trick up his sleeve before they leave Switzerland.

In the promo for the upcoming episode of “General Hospital,” Sam tells Jason that Spinelli has stranded them on purpose. Spinelli has openly expressed his opinion that Sam and Jason belong together, and it appears he is going to try to help them see his perspective.

When Spinelli first arrived in Switzerland, he purposely ended up in jail in order to bring Jason and Sam together. Spinelli was aware Sam was already there and made sure Jason showed up so the two could run into one another.

By stranding the two together, it seems like Spinelli is hoping Sam will realize she needs to be with Jason rather than Drew (Billy Miller). In the past, Spinelli begged Jason to stop Sam’s and Drew’s wedding but he refused because he thought doing so would make Sam happy.

However, this time around, it looks like Spinelli won’t be asking Jason to do anything and instead force him and Sam to discover what should be.

Back in Port Charles, Drew is attempting to carry on with his life while waiting for Sam to make a decision about their future. “GH” spoilers reveal Drew is skeptical. Drew’s feelings could be caused by a number of issues.

Drew is expected to discover that his daughter is back in town with her grandmother. When Sam left PC, she told Drew she was taking the kids, but their return without her could cause some skepticism for Drew.

In the promo, Kim (Tamara Braun) offers to buy Drew lunch so they can talk. Kim previously admitted she still had feelings for Drew but will he consider this lunch the first step to moving on with someone who isn’t Sam?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.