After realizing Drew’s life is in danger, Sam is desperate to locate her husband, who went missing while working with Franco. On the Tuesday, March 20 episode of “General Hospital,” Sam may come one step closer to saving the men from a fatal ending.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) has been on the hunt to find Drew (Billy Miller) and tell him how she really feels about Jason (Steve Burton). However, now that his life is in danger, she is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure her husband comes back home safe and alive.

In the promo for the upcoming episode of the ABC soap, Sam tells Liz (Rebecca Herbst) she isn’t going to let “that bastard” out of her sight. Although she doesn’t name the person directly, there’s a good chance she is referring to Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan).

In the previous episode, Sam and Liz went to talk to Jim, because he previously told Drew that Franco (Roger Howarth) pushed him down the stairs when they were children and is the reason why Drew was sent to an orphanage.

Although Jim claimed he hadn’t seen the men, Sam spotted Drew’s wedding ring on the floor and realized Jim was lying. “GH” spoilers reveal she gets a break. After vowing not to let Jim out of her sight, Sam could discover where he is keeping the men.

Locating the men quickly will be crucial if Sam wants to see her husband alive. In the promo, Franco is seen telling Drew that Jim wants to kill them. The two have been desperate to find out if Franco was really the one who almost killed Drew when they were children, or if there is more to the story.

Even though they most likely won’t find the answer to their question while being trapped in the basement of one of Jim’s abandoned buildings, the fact that the contractor is willing to kill them may mean they are getting too close to the truth.

Will Sam’s break give her what she needs to rescue Drew and Franco, or will the men have to figure out how to save their lives on their own?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.