New Ghostbusters Trailer
The “Ghostbusters” reboot will feature a new team fighting even scarier ghosts than those in the original movie. Sony Pictures

Who you gonna call? A new paranormal team will soon be coming to the big screen in the “Ghostbusters” reboot. Fans had problems with the first look at the upcoming film, but the latest trailer could change some minds.

The first trailer for the female-centric “Ghostbusters” dropped in March and wasn’t exactly greeted with open arms. According to ScreenCrush, the trailer became the most disliked video on YouTube in the history of the website. Currently, the promo has over 801,000 dislikes, but the trailer have been viewed over 32 million times.

Following the backlash, a new trailer dropped Wednesday morning and it may give moviegoers more insight into the comedy. Here are four moments that could convince some non-fans the new “Ghostbusters” might not be so bad after all:

1. Creepier ghosts. Visual effects have come a long way since the release of the original “Ghostbusters” in 1984. The first trailer gave viewers a sneak peek at what the ghosts will look like with new technology, but the second video showed even more. A creepy ghost with red eyes, tall ghosts, dozens of blue ghosts in a subway, a green demon-like entity and a new and improved Slimer can all be found in the latest trailer.

2. Chris Hemsworth possession. Chris Hemsworth stars as Kevin, the secretary of the Ghostbusters. There’s a scene in the new trailer where he puts on a Ghostbuster suit to become a part of the team. A ghost then dives into his body and takes control of him. Kevin drives away on his motorcycle after being possessed. His getting possessed could be a key plot point to the movie and it looks like he could be a part of the ghosts’ apocalyptic plans.

3. Leslie Jones. Of all the new Ghostbusters, Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) has the most standout moments in the latest trailer. A crowd at a concert refuses to catch her when she jumps to crowd surf and she falls to the ground. As she lies there she calls out the people around her and maybe even people hating on the first trailer.

“OK, so I don’t know if it was a race thing or a lady thing, but I’m mad as hell,” Tolan says.

There is also a scene where a big, green, demon-looking ghost is resting on Tolan’s shoulders and she tries to quietly leave the concert without disturbing it. On her way out, someone stops with her to take a selfie, which she can’t believe.

4. Return of the Marshmallow Man. One of the best parts of the original film was the Ghostbusters squaring off against a giant marshmallow man at the end of the movie. It appears as though this infamous character will make a comeback in the reboot. In the closing seconds of the new trailer, he is seen crashing through a building and letting out a bellowing yell.

You can watch the latest trailer below:

“Ghostbusters” hits theaters July 15.