A bizarre video showing a giant bird carrying what appears to be a shark over Myrtle Beach in South Carolina went viral Thursday. The video was shot by Tennessean Ashley White and was shared by Tracking Sharks on Twitter last week.

Social media users were shocked to see the video and debated about what the bird has caught. Some said that it was a small shark while others said it could be a dogfish or mackerel. In the video, the bird is seen carrying the creature, which started flopping wildly in an attempt to get free, but the bird's clutches were too strong.

Many Twitter users compared the scene to the 2003 sci-fi movie "Sharknado." Others likened the image to the abnormalities that have defined this year.

Comedian Jessimae Peluso wrote on Twitter: "If 2020 was a nature scene..."

The SYFY channel also tweeted: "We always knew this day would come. #Sharknado"

"Since 2020 hasn't been insane enough already, we now have FLYING SHARKS," one user wrote. Another added: "This is so 2020. We can no longer say, 'that'll happen when sharks fly.' It happened."