• Ginger Zee fired back at an online troll who claimed she's "paid millions to read cue cards"
  • Zee made it clear that she ad-libs her reports
  • The ABC News meteorologist also said that women "can be scientists and look good in a skirt"

Ginger Zee did not back down when one online troll belittled her and her job on social media.

The Twitter exchange began when the chief meteorologist for ABC News took to Twitter Friday and wrote, "I am human. Just a friendly reminder."

However, an anonymous Twitter user, who used the name of “Family Guy” protagonist Peter Griffin, commented on her post saying, "You’re paid millions to read cue cards."

Zee responded to the user by saying she ad-libs her reports. "Can you please get me paid millions and no, I don’t read anything — I ad lib. I’m a scientist who talks about science — with no script," she wrote.

The troll continued to attack Zee and question her credentials. "A scientist? Sorry babe, you’re a weather girl who looks good in a skirt," the Twitter user replied with facepalming and laughing emojis.

Zee fired back at the hater and made it clear that being smart and looking good are not mutually exclusive.

"Peter — I only comment back to you a second time in case others need the education. Women can be scientists AND look good in a skirt. I happen to be one of those women," Zee tweeted. "Don’t project your anger and frustration on others without knowing the facts."

Several of Zee's followers also took issue with the Twitter user's comments.

"You are the problem. So threatened by an intelligent and nice looking woman," one commented.

"Wow Peter sometimes it is more intelligent to just not let those really dumb thoughts roll off your tongue pass your lips and this was definitely one of those times," a second netizen wrote, while another said, "It is better to be silent and thought to be an idiot, than to speak aloud and prove it."

Another follower praised Zee for standing up for herself, adding that her fans appreciate her work.

"I love that you now have an opportunity to educate yourself on her Degree and studies. She taught me to answer ugly text in a positive manner. This one was hard for what I really want to say. Go Ginger! Your smart fans appreciate your science!" the fan commented.

Ginger Zee
Ginger Zee has opened up about her struggle with depression. Pictured: The “GMA” meteorologist attending the Hearst launch of HearstLive at 57th Street & 8th Avenue in New York City on Sept. 27, 2016. Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Hearst