A little girl in Georgia was able to successfully fight off a would-be kidnapper; and the whole brave episode was caught on tape.

Brittany Baxter, a 7-year-old little girl, was able to fight off a man who tried to kidnap her at a local Walmart, according to FOX News Insider.

A security camera caught the entire ordeal on tape.

The perpetrator can be seen following the girl through the aisles of the Walmart, stalking her. He finally tries to grab Baxter. She was able to free herself by kicking and struggling away from his grip, yelling all the while for help.

He just grabbed me, and I was screaming, kicking him and he just dropped me and ran off, she said.

Police have caught and identified the suspect as Thomas Woods, a 25-year-old parolee who was in prison on a manslaughter charge.

Watch the girl fight off her kidnapper in the video below.