General Motors is partnering with the state of Florida and Inland food stores to boost the use of the bio-friendly E85 ethanol fuel in a bid to promote awareness for its "Live Green, Go Yellow' campaign.

Speaking from an Inland store, Florida Governor Jeb Bush said ethanol has the potential to become a major source of transportation for Florida's energy future as more ethanol fueling stations will be opened. Under the partnership, 16 additional fueling stations in Tallahassee and the surrounding area, where E85 ethanol will be made available from September till the beginning of next year.

"Securing a diverse and reliable supply of energy will reduce Florida's dependence on imported oil and ensure that a balanced mix of fuel sources and technologies are available for years to come,' Bush added.

GM launched the "Live Green, Go Yellow' campaign at the beginning of the year to build consumer awareness around the benefits of E85 ethanol and GM's E85 flex fuel vehicles. Ethanol is made from corn and emits less pollution than conventional unleaded gasoline. The E85 fuel being promoted consists of 15 percent ordinary fuel and 85 percent ethanol. It currently has over two million vehicles that are capable of using E85 ethanol on the road today.