Google Glass
Google Glass 2 is reportedly on track for a release sometime next year, according to a Google[x] labs head of display. Google

Illinois could become the latest state to legislate Google Glass before the smart glasses even go on sale to the general public. Sen. Ira Silverstein (D-Ill.) introduced a bill on Tuesday that would make it illegal to use Google Glass while driving a car.

Similar anti-Google Glass bills have already been introduced in Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia. A California motorist sparked controversy when she was ticketed for wearing Google Glass while driving, even though it was powered off. Google Glass is designed to be a hands-free device, but the police officer who stopped her said she had violated a law that prevents drivers from looking at “a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen, or any other similar means of visually displaying a television broadcast or video signal.”

Some argue the small, transparent glass display on Google Glass doesn't actually interfere with a user’s view and should be legal to wear while driving, just like other hands-free devices. Others say Google Glass should be exempt from the law as a navigational device.

But at least one Google Glass “Explorer” -- the name given to early Google Glass users, many of whom are paying for the chance to beta test the glasses for Google -- has said that Google Glass is essentially unusable and even dangerous to use while driving.

“It’s just another way people will be distracted,” Sen. Silverstein said. “People’s attention to the road should not be interrupted.”

Although Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) said users should be responsible with Glass and make safety a priority, beyond that it's been vague about its stance on legal issues and whether or not Glass should be used while driving.

“Glass is built to connect you more with world around you, not distract you from it,” Google said in a statement to the Daily Herald.

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