A Motorola X phone has been expected ever since Google acquired Motorola Mobility a year ago, with consumers eagerly anticipating the first phone released from the new union.

The most recent benchmark leak supports evidence that the Motorola X phone will be released to multiple carriers. The reported leak from a Japanese blog shows AnTuTu benchmark results that list the “obake_verizon,” which means, if the benchmark turns out to be real, the Motorola X phone could be heading to Verizon Wireless as well as AT&T.

The benchmark from a Japanese blog hints at a Verizon version of the rumored Motorola X phone from Google. Courtesy / Blog of Mobile!!

Obake, which can be translated from Japanese to mean “Ghost,” is another rumored name for the Motorola X phone from Google. The image could represent a Verizon variant of the phone, or it just could have been doctored to look like one.

Previous reports also show a model number of XT1055 on a purported photo leak, as well as AT&T carrier exclusivity for at least the first three months of its release. Analysts expect Google and Motorola to release the X phone in August on AT&T, and then on other major carriers in November.

Google CFO Patrick Pinchette burst the bubble of many who hoped the Motorola X phone would be available in time for the Google I/O conference next week, telling ZDNet in February that it would be at least six months before Motorola could release a product that would “wow” the industry to Google’s standards.

Pinchette’s timeframe for the Motorola X phone coincides with the rumored August release date, at least for AT&T.

The most recent benchmark shows that the Motorola X phone runs Android version 4.2.2, which supports the rumor that Google will not be announcing a major revision of Android, codenamed "Key Lime Pie," at the Google I/O event that starts May 15. The benchmark shows a Qualcomm processor, rumored to be a quad-core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 600.

Motorola adviser Guy Kawasaki posted a photo of a customized Porsche on his Google+ page in March, asking, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could customize your phone like this?” It is not clear whether Kawasaki was referring to the Motorola X phone’s color, or its hardware specifications, or the Motorola X phone at all. But Kawasaki also wrote at the end of April that he visited Motorola's plant in Libertyville, Ill., and saw how phones were “tortured,” which lends credence to rumors of Motorola's X phone being rugged to the point of waterproof.

The Google-Motorola X phone's specs may include a sapphire glass display boasting 1080p HD resolution, a 5-inch display that nearly reaches edge to edge, and a high-capacity battery managed by the phone's software, perhaps as high as 4,000mAh. Again, analysts expect the X phone to release in August on AT&T, and on other carriers in November.