• Luntz was former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's pollster
  • He says Trump campaign officials should be brought up on charges of political malpractice
  • He chastized the campaign for being focused on Hunter Biden, saying nobody cares

Republican pollster Frank Luntz said Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s campaign should be brought up on political malpractice charges for botching the run-up to Election Day by focusing on Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s son.

Luntz, who has been following elections since 1980, told the British strategic advisory firm Global Counsel, the campaign is focused on the wrong issues with just two weeks left ahead of the Nov. 3 election, the Hill reported.

“I’ve never seen a campaign more miscalibrated than the Trump campaign. Frankly, his staff ought to be brought up on charges of political malpractice,” said Luntz, who was a pollster for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

“It is the worst campaign I’ve ever seen. … They’re on the wrong issues. They’re on the wrong message. They’ve got their heads up their asses. … Your damn job is to get your candidate to talk about things that are relevant to the people you need to reach. And if you can’t do your damn job then get out.”

Trump’s campaign has been in disarray for weeks, battered by a change at the top, fundraising that has significantly lagged behind Biden’s and the president’s own COVID-19 diagnosis.

The campaign has been trying to drum up interest in alleged influence-peddling by Biden’s son, Hunter, when the candidate was vice president. On Tuesday, Trump implored Attorney William Barr to investigate him and release the results before Election Day. He also accused Joe Biden of taking kickbacks from his son.

“Nobody cares about Hunter Biden … why is [Trump] spending all his time on him?” Luntz asked. “Hunter Biden does not help put food on the table. Hunter Biden does not help anyone get a job. Hunter Biden does not provide healthcare or solve COVID. And Donald Trump spends all of his time focused on that and nobody cares.”

Luntz told CNBC undecided voters are weighing their dislike of Trump against fear of what Biden’s policies would mean. He also had a bit of advice for Trump for his upcoming final debate against Biden Thursday: Behave.

Luntz said a 16-person focus group of undecided voters indicated Trump’s overbearing performance at the first debate tipped a number of undecideds into Biden’s camp.

“Our history tells us, that in the end, if they haven’t decided to support the incumbent, that they end up 2-to-1 supporting the challenger,” Luntz said.

“They remember the economy before COVID, and they give Trump a lot of credit for that, but they want to know the details [of what comes next]. How can he do it again under this current circumstance They don’t want these generalities. They want to know exactly what he’s doing to do. They’re never going to endorse him in his persona.”