Surprise, surprise! Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment are rolling out a new update to “Gran Turismo Sport” this Friday, Jan. 26. Update 1.11 is going to bring new cars, events and tracks to the racing video game, on top of various improvements and fixes.

On Thursday, the people behind “Gran Turismo Sport” announced via a blog post that the January Update is finally arriving. Update 1.11 is a free update and it is dropping on PlayStation 4 today. Below are the things that are coming with the update:

New Cars

Ten new car models are dashing to “Gran Turismo Sport” today and they are all listed below:

  1. Toyota Supra RZ (N300)
  2. Toyota 2000GT (N200)
  3. Toyota FT-1 (N500)
  4. Jaguar XJ13 (Gr.X)
  5. McLaren F1 (N600)
  6. Ferrari 512 BB (N400)
  7. Ferrari 330 P4 (Gr.X)
  8. Lamborghini Diablo GT (N600)
  9. Ford GT (N600)
  10. Dodge Viper GTS (N500)

New Events

Four new events are being added to the “GT League.”

Raptor Survival (Beginner League)

  • This is a Ford F-150 one-make event.
Raptor Survival
Raptor Survival Gran Turismo website

J-Sport Meeting (Amateur League)

  • This event will only include unique and high performance sports cars from Japanese automakers.
J Sports Meeting
J-Sport Meeting Gran Turismo website

La Festa Cavallino (Professional League)

  • This festival is only open to Ferraris.

La Festa Cavallino
La Festa Cavallino Gran Turismo website

Gr.3 Endurance Series (Endurance League)

  • This is for road cars that have been transformed into racecars.
Gr3 Endurance Series
Gr.3 Endurance Series Gran Turismo website

New Tracks

“Gran Turismo Sport” Update 1.11 is also going to introduce new tracks. The first one is called Monza Circuit, and it is set on the outskirts of Milan in northern Italy, specifically in the beautiful green National Monza Park. The circuit was completed in 1922, so it is considered the third oldest race track following Brooklands and Indianapolis.

The Monza Circuit will have two configurations: one with the chicanes (classic) and another one without. Either way, the configurations are designed to test the skills of drivers who want to race the track.

Another track that’s coming to “Gran Turismo Sport” this Friday is called Autodrome Lago Maggiore. Unlike the Monza Circuit which is based on a real track, this one is fictional. Autodrome Lago Maggiore will come in different layouts, and they are listed below:

Autodrome Lago Maggiore - Center Layout (Reverse: “Center II” Layout)

  • This 1.7km track is a short version of the course that uses the front straight of the Lago Maggiore Circuit. It features a high-speed section and it also has a reverse layout.

Autodrome Lago Maggiore - East Layout (Reverse: “East II” Layout)

  • According to the developers, this 3.6km layout is the short version of the course that connects the front straight of Lago Maggiore to the east side of the track. It comes with a challenging S-curve section. It also comes with a reverse layout.

Autodrome Lago Maggiore - West Layout (Reverse: “West II” Layout)

  • The last layout is a short version of the course that connects the front straight of Lago Maggiore to the west side of the track. It is actually the longest when compared to the Center Layout and East Layout because it is 4.1km long. It features a steep uphill and downhill section at the end of the straight. Like the other two, this one has a reverse layout as well.