In an alleged case of female infanticide, police arrested a woman along with her son for dumping her daughter's newborn twin girls in a canal. The incident took place in the Indian state of Punjab.

Police arrested the woman and her son, identified as Malkit Kaur and Baljinder Singh, on Thursday morning. The authorities took action based on a complaint by a doctor at the hospital where the mother of the twins was admitted. The duo was charged with murder, hampering with evidence and acts done by several persons in furtherance of a common intention.

The complainant explained that the premature birth of the twins had caused complications and the family was asked by the pediatrician to admit the babies to a different hospital as they required medical attention. However, the family refused to do so.

In a statement issued by the hospital, a doctor said, “Around 8.15 p.m. local time (10.45 a.m. EDT), Malkit and Baljinder were seen taking the newborns out of the hospital. They told the hospital staff that they were taking the infants to some other hospital but the staff asked them to give it in writing and they did so”.

When confronted about the babies later, the accused told the hospital staff that they died and their bodies were dumped in the canal. The hospital authorities informed the police after which the duo was detained. The suspects later confessed that they did not want more girl children as they already had two girls, 11 and three years old. The police were investigating the case and were yet to find the bodies of the newborns.

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Representational image of baby's feet. A father stabbed his two children in Ilford, London, before stabbing himself. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images