We found another reason to celebrate this fine Monday other then because it’s Cinco de Mayo. So, call your waiter back over an order another round of margaritas for the table. We promise, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans are definitely going to want to celebrate this news.

According to reports, four actors from the hit ABC series have signed new deals to appear in not one but two furthers season of the Shonda Rhimes medical drama -- that is, if Season 11 and 12 get commissioned. So, who will the lucky returning docs be? Justin Chambers, Sara Ramirez, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. have all opted to sport scrubs for the next two years, and we couldn’t be happier!

For those who can’t place the name to a face let us explained who each character it.

Justin Chambers plays the role of the adorable Alex Karev with a sassy mouth. "Love him, hate him, or both, Karev speaks his mind, rough edges and all,” the DVD Verdict wrote of Chamber’s character’s development. Despite his macho side, Alex has shown how sentimental he can be through his relationships with Izzie, Lexie and Rebecca “Ava” Pope.

Sara Ramirez took on the role of Dr. Callie Torres, the driven, determined but impulsive orthopedic surgeon. Ramirez described her character as someone who "appears to be a certain way, but has some very complex issues going on behind the scenes. She seems to be a very strong personality, someone who really believes in herself and has worked very hard to get where she is. She's very competitive but does have a sense of self, so she doesn't need to win all the time."

Chandra Wilson who plays one of our favorite characters, Dr. Miranda Bailey, is sticking around for another two seasons. That means fans of the show will get a few more iconic Bailey quotes to recite over the years. Bailey is a blunt and tough character but has offered support and advice throughout the 10-season long series.

“It's a teacher's mentality. The pilot described me as the Nazi, so I had to think about that and try to relate. It's about my demeanor, how I carry myself, demanding respect from my students. Once I have that, I just teach,” Wilson explained to Chron.

Last but not least, James Pickens Jr. who portrays the role of Richard Webber, the former chief of surgery, will be back for two more season.

The last thing we’d like to point out about this announcement is that this officially mean these four characters will be safe from potentially getting killed off during the rumored tragic Season 10 finale. What other characters do you hope stick around for Season 11 and 12? Chime in with your opinion in the comments section below.