Things got pretty intense for our favorite scrub-sporting surgeons during episode 3 of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Thursday night’s installment, titled “I Choose You,” kicks off with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) receiving her Chief of General certificate in the mail, which she proudly shows off to her sisters (who arrive late to their work carpool).

But instead of reacting with cheers and smiles, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) makes a distressed face – one that leaves Meredith questioning what could be wrong with her contract. When Maggie refuses to give her sister a straight answer, Mer goes to her blunt friend Callie (Sara Ramirez) who responds to the contract with the same alarming reaction as Maggie.

“What is it about my contract that makes people make that face?” Meredith asks Callie who was reluctant to reply. After getting pressured, Callie says that she think Meredith was low-balled… by a lot.

But Mer isn’t the only one who was confronted with stomach-churning problems in the Season 12 installment. Maggie also came face-to-face with her fair share of difficult obstacles in episode 3.

After downing a bottle of wine (each) with her friends, Maggie unravels, revealing to Mer, Callie and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) just how lost she feels since moving to Seattle: her adoptive parents are divorced, she’s living in her birth mother’s home with Ellis’ (Kate Burton) daughter, working with her birth father and single – very single.

While Meredith practices her negotiation skills and Maggie attempts to embrace being an "alien" on a foreign planet, Alex (Justin Chambers) is tasked with the lethal duty of determining which sick baby should live.

In episode 3, a set of twins were born with their skin glowing yellow of jaundice. It's revealed to the parents of the newborns that the both of their babies are suffering due to a tumor growing on their livers and that they need transplants. However, only one of the parents proved to be a match, meaning one of the twins would receive the organ and the other... would not.

The mother of the babies begins to cry, questioning how she’s supposed to decide which one of her children gets to live or die. That’s when Alex steps up to the plate, revealing he’s going to be the one to determine which twin gets the liver – and he does... after countless hours of research, a moment of doubt and an inspirational pep talk from Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

Ultimately Alex decides that he needs to open up both the babies to determine who is best suited for the liver. And during surgery, he learns that it’s the little girl, named Emma, who has the better chance of surviving. But the doctor doesn’t give up hope for Daniel. He tries his best to save the boy but Daniel’s heart is too weak. So, Alex rips off his surgical mask and gloves to hold the little boy of just a few days old until his heart stops beating.

During the baby-centric episode, Jo (Camilla Luddington) questions her beau if he wants to have children with her. Apparently she came across a document that revealed Alex had fertilized Izzy (Katherine Heigl) eggs but meanwhile, the man she knows and loves isn’t even ready to get a dog with her.

After a night of arguing, Alex finally expresses that he wants to have kids with Jo. He even drops his draws right then and there to prove it. But with a laugh, Jo says that the two of them are nowhere near ready to start popping out kids.

Speaking of sex, Maggie ends her dry spell when she locks lips with the hot intern Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) at the bar. The two of them wander into the tavern for some liquid comfort after a seriously rough night but end up finding solace in one another’s mouths.

While Maggie confronts her fears, Mer does, too. She marched up to the new Chief of Surgery – timidly – to demand a raise in her salary, which she gets. According to Bailey (Chandra Wilson), she felt as though Meredith was being coddled following Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) death and wanted Mer to stand up and fight for what she deserves – that’s why Bailey low-balled her pay.

“She needs to rise on her own. You may not be here the next time she falls,” Bailey says to Richard (James Pickens, Jr.) after he questions the chief’s reasoning for Mer’s lackluster paycheck. “She needs to fight for herself. This is what a feminist looks like, sir.”

“Grey’s Anatomy” ends episode 3 with bad news for Japril shippers. In the Thursday night installment, Jackson (Jesse Williams) tries to get April (Sarah Drew) to move out of his house.

“It’s my place,” he said to his estranged wife. “You moved in and you moved out.”

April responds that she’s not going anywhere because in marriage “you just don’t stop.” But Jackson tells her that you do… and it’s called divorce. After threatening to end their marriage he tells April that he’s getting the locks change, which is when she warns him that she’ll get a crowbar.

But when April comes home, she doesn't find the doors locked. Instead she finds an empty house – Jackson has moved out.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.