Grand Theft Auto 5
“Grand Theft Auto 5” Rockstar Games/Screenshot

It appears as if there may have been another huge "Grand Theft Auto 5" leak.

For some time now, some intrepid "GTA 5" fans have attempted to piece together a full map of the game derived from multiple sources. However, Rockstar Informer states that a distributor of strategy guides has let the cat out of the bag entirely, releasing the full "GTA 5" map, including Los Santos and Blaine County, roughly a week before "GTA 5" is to be released on Sept. 17.

Take a look at the leaked "GTA 5" map below.

GTA 5 Map
GTA 5 Map

While most of the action in "GTA 5" will no doubt take place within the boundaries of the Los Santos metropolitan area, we've noticed some possible points of interest outside of the city limits. For instance, if you look northwest of Los Santos, you'll find what appears to be an airport.

This isn't the first time official "GTA 5" content has been leaked to the public. Late last month, much of the game's soundtrack as well as the preload theme song for the PS3 version of "GTA 5" were leaked to the public, which prompted Sony and Rockstar to issue official comments on the matter.

Will there be additional "GTA 5" leaks before the game's official release next week? Only time will tell.

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