For anyone who has experienced issues with installing the "GTA 5" Xbox 360 play disc, there's a fix that's been discovered according to VG247.

How to Fix the "GTA 5" Xbox 360 Play Disc Install Bug

If you have the retail version of "GTA 5," don't install the Play disc. This has reported caused multiple issues with "GTA 5," including low framerates, graphical bugs and other problems. Instead, what you can do is install the "GTA 5" Xbox 360 play disc on a 16GB USB drive.

Check out the instruction video below on how to do this below, courtesy of Digital Foundry and Youtube.

There's also a fix out there for anyone experiencing issues with the PS3 "GTA 5" PSN digital download.

How to Fix the PS3 "GTA 5" PSN Digital Download Bugs

Reportedly, gamers who attempeted to play the PSN digital download version of "GTA 5" encountered an error that prevented them from playing. The error read "error code 80029564." VG247 reports that the problem was corrected today. The only thing you need to do is delete the digital copy of "GTA 5" that you downloaded from PSN and download it again. You might want to go for a run or run an errand while you re-download "GTA 5" via PSN.

Update 9/19/13 2:55 EDT: Sony has said that 80029564 error could result from server overload and suggests that you try to download "GTA 5" at a later time, Game Zone reports. Sony also suggests that you reboot your modem and router by unplugging them and plugging them back in, then reconnect to your PS3.

The PSN digital download version of "GTA 5" has reportedly suffered from similar graphical issues akin to what "GTA 5" Xbox 360 owners have dealt with when installing the Play disc. To this point, no fixes have been discovered yet, but we will update this story if and when that changes.

What do you think? Did these "GTA 5" bug fixes work for you? What happened? What bugs have you noticed/experienced? Sound off in the comments below.