Listening to key character dialogue can lead to big bucks in "GTA 5."

From investing in stocks to committing heists, there's a lot to do in "Grand Theft Auto 5." After all, it is an open-world game. Here's another activity you can add to the list: stealing a military figher jet. Perhaps just as surprising is the fact that the video below demonstrates that pulling off this robbery is not that difficult to do.

How to steal a military fighter jet in "GTA 5"

The YouTube video below takes you through the process of stealing a fighter jet from a military base. There's not much sneaking around involved. There's no "Metal Gear Solid"-type of espionage required of you either. You more or less just ride through a part of the base on a motorcycle, run straight up to the jet and take off. Stay low to the ground to avoid getting shot down by the military base's defenses and you should be home free. If you want to hang onto the jet, it would behoove you to be in possession of a hangar, where you can store the aircraft safely.

This video also shows you how to steal a military cargo plane from the same base, which you can do in much the same manner. Just ride up, get in and fly off. Do it fast though-- the sooner you leave military airspace, the better your chances of safely making off with the stolen plane will be.

Here's how you can steal a military fighter jet in "GTA 5" below, courtesy of YouTube user Olli43.

What do you think? What issues did you run into when trying to steal this jet in "GTA 5?" Do you have any tips to add that would make pulling off this theft easier? Sound off in the comments below.