fuego volcano
A view of the Fuego volcano in Alotenango, Sacatepequez region, Guatemala, May 26, 2012. The volcano's last eruption forced over 30,000 people to evacuate. Reuters/Jorge Dan Lopez

Guatemala’s Fuego (Fire) volcano is becoming more active, sending out further smoke and ash in the region, officials warned on Friday. Fuego, which is located just 30 miles from the capital of Guatemala City, could have a disastrous effect if it were to undergo a full eruption, Agence France-Presse reported.

Guatemala’s disaster agency Conred warned that aircraft should be cautious when flying over the restive volcano, and said weak to moderate eruptions were possible, throwing up columns of ash that could reach 15,000 feet above sea level.

A series of 26 explosions on Tuesday ranged from weak to moderate in strength, according to local news agency Prensa Latina.

Authorities also cautioned that eruptions could cause ash particles to scatter as far as 8 miles from the volcano, potentially causing health problems in those areas.

Officials reportedly said there was no need to begin evacuations just yet, but added that the situation could change quickly. They said they would keep monitoring the situation.

Fuego reawakened earlier this year, causing a rain of soot and ash on nearby towns and prompting the brief closure of an airport. An eruption in 2012 also forced the evacuation of 33,000 people.