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Fight against monstrous bosses in raids and world encounters in Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet


  • Points of interest scattered across each map in Tyria all give hefty chunks of XP when visited or completed
  • The most valuable rewards in the PvP and World vs. World modes for leveling up are Tomes of Knowledge
  • Always try to participate in events and visit every POI in order to maximize XP gains

The leveling process in "Guild Wars 2" involves more than just mindless grinding and spamming sidequests.

Instead of staying in one place and slaying as many enemies as possible, the game entices players to explore interesting locations and join big events that only the combined force of the community can complete.

Even so, leveling in "Guild Wars 2" can be accelerated by doing the right things and using the proper methods. Here are a few ways on how to make this possible.

Map Completion

There are plenty of points of interest scattered across each map in Tyria, from Hearts to Vistas, along with the myriad of public events that pop up from time to time. These all give hefty chunks of XP when visited or completed, and completing all maps in the base game will reward players with an achievement that comes with useful legendary crafting material.

Players should be able to comfortably complete activities on maps that are at most five levels above theirs.

PvP and WvW

The PvP and World vs. World modes do offer tons of rewards for all players. This ranges from materials to cosmetics and even XP boosters. However, as far as leveling up is concerned, the most valuable rewards here are Tomes of Knowledge.

Guild Wars 2 - Griffon
Griffons are quasi-flying mounts that can glide over long distances Guild Wars 2

These books grant one full level regardless of how much XP is needed. They are best used at around Level 60 and beyond where the XP requirements are at their highest.

Tomes of Knowledge can also be obtained by giving 20 Writs of Experience to Miyani at Lion's Arch.

The Crafting Method

Leveling up professions in "Guild Wars 2" also rewards tons of regular XP that can catapult a character several dozen levels forward. However, this can be very expensive and terribly boring as it mostly involves clicking menus and purchasing materials.

To find the most cost-efficient way to level a profession up, visit the GW2Crafts website.

The Way ArenaNet Intended

Players who want to enjoy the game should focus on exploring maps and doing the main story quests that become available every 10 levels. By the end of the campaign, players should already be at Level 80.

In the meantime, always try to participate in events and visit every POI in order to maximize XP gains.

Guild Wars 2 - classes
Guild Wars 2 features a wide variety of character classes and subclasses ArenaNet