Gundam Evolution - RX78
An RX-78-2 Gundam with an Asshimar in Gundam Evolution Bandai Namco


  • The RX-78 is a versatile mid-ranged assault unit
  • The unit specializes in dealing burst damage and knocking away shields
  • It is weak in close quarters against melee and sustained damage units

The RX-78 model mobile suit is one of the most iconic out of the entire roster in "Gundam Evolution" and throughout pop culture as a whole. In the game, it is a versatile fighter platform that excels in short to mid-ranged engagements.

However, the RX-78 is also one of the more difficult suits to use due to its innate disadvantages in certain scenarios and matchups. Here's an overview of how to pilot this mech in "Gundam Evolution."

Strengths and Weaknesses

The primary strength of the RX-78 is the high damage-per-shot value of its main weapon, the Beam Rifle. It deals 230 damage to the body and 460 to the head, which means accurate pilots can knock an enemy out of the battlefield in three or four critical hits.

The Beam Rifle only has seven shots and its range is surprisingly short compared to the other mid-ranged suits like the Pale Rider, so players need to familiarize themselves with this optimal range if they want to make the most use of their weapon.

Gundam Evolution - RX78 Range
A loose approximation of the Beam Rifle's maximum effective range in Gundam Evolution Gundam Evolution

RX-78 also has the ability to stun targets and counter shielded suits like Sazabi and GM by using Hyper Hammer at them.

This Gundam suit excels at medium range, but it suffers against melee brawlers and fights in close quarters in general as the Beam Rifle's poor hip-fire accuracy and low magazine size hinder its combat potential.

How to Play

Generally, RX-78 pilots will want to keep their distance. Chip away at enemy health bars and look for an opportunity to hit Hyper Hammer against shields. However, consider saving this ability plus Gundam Shield against backline divers like Barbatos and Exia.

Keep in mind that Hyper Hammer's stun gives players enough time to follow up their attack with one or two headshots. This is enough to destroy most mobile suits and a great tool to win duels with.

When forced into a close-quarters engagement, pace Beam Rifle's shots to maintain some semblance of accuracy. Despite its slow rate of fire, it still hits very hard and players should not underestimate its ability to hit targets up close.

Lastly, only use Super Napalm when enemies have no way to escape or when securing objectives. The blast radius of this ultimate ability is huge, and it will almost always kill anything inside of it.

Gundam Evolution - RX78 Ult
The RX-78's ultimate ability features a large blast radius Gundam Evolution