Deathloop - Julianna
Julianna is Deathloop's second playable character who serves as Colt's rival Arkane Studios


  • The Strelak Verso pistols are hidden in the Complex
  • They can only be obtained at noon
  • The pistols can be converted into a two-handed, burst-firing weapon

The Strelak Verso is one of the four unique weapons in "Deathloop." Unlike the regular Four-Pounder or Tribunal handguns, the Strelak Verso always comes in pairs, and it can transform into a two-handed, burst-firing SMG as well.

Getting this unique weapon isn't as complicated as some of the others, but it does require a bit of patience due to the number of legwork players need to do to claim them.

Strelak Verso Location

These pistols are tucked away inside a vault in the Complex's Ordnance Depot, which is found inside the underground facility near the research hall.

Clear the Eternalists in the facility and look for a set of broken blast doors marked with a red X. Note that the doors are sealed in the morning, so players need to visit the Complex no later than noon time.

Deathloop - X Door
The Ordnance Depot lies beyond this marked door Deathloop

Go through the door and past the rotating cylindrical chamber. A battery will pop out here, and it'll be useful later. At the end of the hall, there should be an open door on the right that leads to a power station. Here, players can find the Strelak Verso, only it's locked behind some doors that need power to be opened.

Deathloop - power station
The power station in the Ordnance Depot hiding the Strelak Verso pistols Deathloop

How To Open The Ordnance Depot Doors

Pick up the battery from the cylindrical room and head back to the center of the underground facility and go to the command room on the second floor. If the doors are locked, use the Hackamajig to remotely trigger the remote door control from behind one of the available windows. There's a battery charging station in the adjacent room inside.

Juice the battery back up and carry it back to the power station. Unfortunately, this won't be enough to fully power the door.

Head to the research hall and go up the set of stairs on the left. There will be a couple of batteries here next to a charging station. Recharge them and take them back to the Ordnance Depot to open the door. The Strelak Verso will be sitting on the opposite end of the room.

Colt won't be able to use powers or gadgets when the weapon is in dual pistol mode. Selecting a tool or ability will automatically convert it to SMG mode.

Deathloop - batteries
More batteries can be found on the second floor of the research hall Deathloop