Gundam Evolution - Methuss
Methuss wields twin blasters mounted on its arms Gundam Evolution


  • Methuss specializes in supporting allies through heals, buffs and revives
  • Gun Turret is best used to deter and defend against backline divers
  • Prioritize healing frontline fighters and retreating flankers

Out of the entire "Gundam Evolution" roster so far, Methuss is one of the few support units that players can choose. It fills the dedicated healer role, which is responsible for keeping high-priority frontliners alive while giving them big stat boosts for critical pushes.

Methuss is relatively easy to learn, though many players tend to overlook its role as healer. Here's an overview of how to use this mobile suit to great effect in "Gundam Evolution."

Strengths and Weaknesses

Methuss' Repair Cable serves two main purposes: restore HP and revive downed allies. This skill only affects one target at a time, but the healing is much more reliable than that of GM or Pale Rider.

To complement this support role, Methuss' G-Maneuver allows its pilot to supercharge an ally, which lets them deal and take more damage.

Gundam Evolution - Methuss Revive
Methuss can revive fallen allies with its Repair Cable Gundam Evolution

At the same time, this suit can deal decent poke damage with its Arm Beam Guns and the Twin Shot ability, which deals a small amount of AoE damage. Additionally, Methuss' can place a Gun Turret that can chip away at an enemy's health.

Lastly, this suit can also fly like Asshimar, which can let it escape pesky flankers.

On the other hand, when compared to other mobile suits, Methuss' individual killing power is much lower. A good pilot can still win duels but often with great difficulty. The suit's main weapon has low damage per shot values and a small magazine size, though these are offset by Arm Beam Guns' surprisingly long range.

Tips and Tricks

Prioritize healing allies on the frontline or flankers who are trying to recover in order to get them back in the fight faster. A GM Sniper or Pale Rider should be lower priorities compared to a Sazabi, Guntank or Barbatos.

Gun Turret should only be used as a defensive tool. Avoid throwing it in the front, and only deploy it when an enemy mobile suit is diving the friendly backline.

Methuss' main weapons are best used to pour damage down range and harass enemy frontliners. Do not take solo fights unless it is necessary. Also, remember that Twin Shot deals damage in a small area, so feel free to aim at an enemy's feet when using it.

Gundam Evolution - Methuss range
The approximate effective range of Methuss' twin blaster pistols Gundam Evolution