Gundam Evolution - Asshimar
The Asshimar mobile suit in Gundam Evolution Gundam Evolution


  • Asshimar's Beam Rifle has a very long range for a mid-ranged weapon
  • This and Methuss are the only flying units in "Gundam Evolution" so far
  • Asshimar's ultimate is great for winning duels in close quarters

The Asshimar mobile suit is designed as a mid-ranged fighter with good zone control and remarkable mobility. It is one of the two flying units in "Gundam Evolution" alongside Methuss.

Although it doesn't hit as hard as the RX-78 or have the raw flanking power of the Zaku II, Asshimar is great at weathering the enemy down with a constant barrage of beam fire and positional advantages with its vertical movement.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Asshimar's primary strength is its mobility, specifically its ability to transform into a flying Mobile Armor platform. This is used to gain the high ground advantage or sneak into off-angles where enemies don't expect to take fire from.

The player's job while using Asshimar is to poke. Asshimar's Beam Rifle has a surprisingly long effective range, and its Charged Shot secondary fire mode does not suffer from damage falloff, which means it can be used from anywhere and still deal full damage.

Gundam Evolution - Asshimar Fly
Asshimar can transform into a mobile armor platform that can fly over terrain Gundam Evolution

Meanwhile, Napalm Grenade can stop a push dead in its tracks for a few seconds. It can also be used to ward off melee bruisers or deal chip damage to a cluster of enemies.

Like other mid-ranged units, Asshimar is weak in close quarters. Its ultimate, Punch, is mostly used as a defensive tool against divers. The hit is very powerful, but it's a shame that Asshimar's only real CQB weapon is its ultimate.

The suit also demands precision from the pilot as the Beam Rifle's accuracy requires the player's hand to be just as flawless. As a bonus, Asshimar does not lose accuracy while hovering.

Tips and Tricks

When in flight mode, only fire when absolutely necessary. Not only is aiming extremely hard while airborne, but it will also give away the player's position to the enemy.

Asshimar's attacks are great for peek shooting. Dart in and out of cover while pulling the trigger to minimize the odds of getting hit while still getting good damage down range.

Save Napalm Grenade for when the enemy is diving or when friendlies are securing an objective. The flames don't last long, but they tend to be enough to deter most enemies away from the blast radius.

Gundam Evolution - Asshimar Ult
Asshimar's ultimate ability causes the suit to dash forward and strike enemies Gundam Evolution