• Gwyneth Paltrow answered fan questions during a Q&A session via her Instagram Story Friday
  • She said she "very much" adores her ex-husband Chris Martin's current girlfriend, Dakota Johnson
  • The "Iron Man" star assured fans that it's "absolutely" possible to move on after a divorce

Gwyneth Paltrow got candid about how she feels about Dakota Johnson, her ex-husband Chris Martin's girlfriend.

On Friday, Paltrow held a Q&A session via her Instagram Story, where she answered various tough questions from her fans, including those about her divorce and her feeling about the "Fifty Shades of Grey" star, who has been dating the Coldplay singer for over four years.

"Do you love Dakota Johnson?" one fan asked, to which Paltrow replied, "Very much," Us Weekly reported.

Another fan asked: "Do you feel like you can really move on, after a divorce?"

"Oh, absolutely," the "Iron Man" star responded. "It's a great opportunity to get ruthless with the truth of who you are, what you want and what you deserve."

Paltrow shared the same sentiments in a personal essay about "conscious uncoupling" that she penned for British Vogue for its September 2020 issue.

In the lengthy write-up, she revealed when she realized her marriage with Martin was over, how they worked hard to make their relationship work and how she took the breakup positively for self-growth.

"The point of a breakup, if you have to go through it, is to grow. To use the opportunity to really look at yourself and heal broken patterns so you don't find yourself in the same situation again," she wrote.

Paltrow continued, "If spite blocks that process, being able to cultivate good feelings will encourage it. You loved your ex once and you probably still do, so keep those great qualities of theirs close to your heart. Which leads me to the final and potentially most radical point: it's OK to stay in love with the parts of your ex that you were always in love with. In fact, that's what makes conscious uncoupling work."

According to Paltrow, her ex-husband was meant to be the father of her children, while her current spouse, Brad Falchuk, was supposed to be the person she would grow old with.

"Conscious uncoupling lets us recognize those two different loves can coexist and nourish each other," she added.

Paltrow and Martin announced their split in 2014 after 10 years of marriage. They finalized their divorce in 2016 and agreed on joint custody for their two children — daughter Apple Blythe, 17, and son Moses Bruce, 15.

Paltrow and Falchuk, who met on the set of "Glee" in 2014, made their relationship Instagram official in September 2015. They tied the knot three years later.

Meanwhile, Martin and Johnson have been dating since 2017. The pair bought a house in Malibu together last year and were "very excited" to move in, an unnamed insider told Us Weekly.

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