Halle Berry
Actress Halle Berry arrives at the Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night awards banquet in Scottsdale, Arizona. Berry filed a temporary restraining order against Richard Anthony Franco, a man arrested after stalking the actress three times on three separate occasions. REUTERS

Richard Anthony Franco, 27, who was arrested and charged late Monday night for stalking Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, pleaded not guilty Wednesday for felony charges including stalking in a series of incidents that the actress said made her fear for her life.

Franco, who is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail, was arrested after he was allegedly caught for a third time at Berry's home and ordered to stay 500 yards away from the actress. He charged with one felony count of stalking after allegedly showing up at Berry's Hollywood Hills home on repeated occasions.

Franco was arrested about 11:15 p.m. Monday after neighbors reported a possible burglar, police said. He is on probation after pleading no contest in June to a misdemeanor battery charge and is facing up to three years in state prison if convicted.

Berry detailed in civil court papers three incidents of an alleged stalker tresspassing on her property.

This person has invaded and trampled upon the most fundamental sense of security I have.... I am extremely frightened, Berry said in court papers, LA Times reports. He has terrorized me and my family, Berry added.

The series of alleged incidents began Saturday when the actress was standing in her kitchen with her manager and saw a stranger in her backyard, carrying something in his hand and approaching the house, court records show. Berry screamed there is a guy in my yard, according to the court filing retrieved by LA Times.

LA Times reports that Berry's manager stepped outside and confronted the man - later identified as Franco - who asked for someone named Santiago, according to court documents. Berry said she did not know anyone by that name and felt in extreme danger at that moment, according to the filing.

A hearing on whether to extend a restraining order - filed by the actress shortly after he was spotted on her property - for three years is set for Aug. 1.