There’s only a couple days to go until the Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas premiere of Jesse Metcalfe’s “Christmas Next Door.” The film, which also stars Fiona Gubelmann, debuts on Saturday, Dec. 16, at 8 p.m. EST.

Gubelmann made her Hallmark debut in 2016 with “Tulips in Spring” with Lucas Bryant, but now she’s about to join the ranks of Christmas Hallmark stars.

Metcalfe, on the other hand, starred in 2015’s “A Country Wedding” with Autumn Reeser, as well as Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Fairfield Road in 2010, but what he’s most known for on the network is for his lead role in Hallmark’s drama series “Chesapeake Shores.” The show wrapped up its second season in October and while there has been no news yet on a Season 3, fans on social media are hoping they’ll see more of Metcalfe’s character, Trace Riley, in the future.

Until then, they have his new flick with Gubelmann to hold them over.

“At first glance, next-door neighbors Eric Redford (Metcalfe) and April Stewart (Gubelmann) couldn’t be more different,” the synopsis begins. “He’s a confirmed bachelor who drives a loud sports car, plays loud music, and hosts a weekly poker game for the guys. In fact, he is the successful author of a string of books extolling the bachelor lifestyle. Oh, and he is not particularly fond of Christmas. She, on the other hand, teaches violin out of her home, plays weekly gigs with her sister, a cellist, at a local Minneapolis restaurant and wishes every day could be Christmas.”

christmas next door hallmark cast Fiona Gubelmann as April and Jesse Metcalfe as Eric in Hallmark Channel’s new movie, “Christmas Next Door.” Photo: Crown Media/Ben Mark Holzberg

On top of his feuding with his neighbor, Eric is forced to babysit his niece Chelsea (Jenna Weir) and nephew Liam (Liam MacDonald) while his sister is away and his mom Sarah (Mary Long) has the flu. There’s only a week left until Christmas and Eric has no decorations up, something he’s happy with, but something his visiting family isn’t too fond of. Aiming to please his niece and nephew, Eric begins to make his home a bit more festive.

“While suffering from writer’s block as he faces a looming deadline with his publisher, Eric gives in a little at first and agrees to get the kids a tree,” the synopsis shares. “With a lot of help from April, who is at her own professional crossroads and fearful about an upcoming audition for the symphony, the giant Christmas tree gets decorated.”

Next up, Eric tackles the other items on his list, which are getting presents and setting up the annual visit with Santa Claus for the kids. The more time he spends with his family and with April, the more he learns to love the holiday, as well as his next-door neighbor.

Will confirmed bachelor Eric give up his lifestyle in exchange for a new life with the love of his life? Tune in Saturday at 8 p.m. EST to watch “Christmas Next Door” to find out.