Halloween participants
Tons of Halloween parties are going on in NYC over the weekend. Reuters

October is here, and Halloween is near. Pumpkins are about, a chill is in the air, and the colors of black and orange mingle on store shelves with piles of assorted, small candies -- meaning it's time for Halloween Costumes 2011.

Here are 10 hot Halloween costumes selections for adults for this year, in case you want to know:

1) Steve Jobs. Nobody is arguably hotter this Halloween season that Jobs, in a respectable way, than the Apple co-founder and long-time CEO who died on Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. You can pay your respects by dressing up as the world's greatest hippie turned-tech CEO wonder ever. Wear some wire frame specs. A dark t shirt. Faded jeans. Put an iPod in your pocket, some ear buds in. Walk around with an iPad. And, well, you get the point -- a great leader, and a wonderful way to share that Steve Jobs Apple spirit.

2) Ben Bernanke. It's more than two-and-a half years after the recession. Unemployment remains officially above 9 percent, but in reality is much higher. The economy is barely growing at all. And the Fed chairman has been one of the hottest figures around globally for several years now. It's easy to dress as Father Ben. Grow a white beard, or put on a fake one. Have a slick forehead, or put on a fake one. Wear a dark suit, a dark tie, and a white shirt. And give away a bunch of money, and as ask for zero in return in terms of an interest rate.

3) Don Draper. The Mad Men lead character Don Draper requires only an old vintage 1960s New York-suitable suit, a fedora, and a sly grin. You can avoid the cigarettes, as even Don is starting to cough too much, and perhaps try not to drink as much as the Mad Men character does, but you'll be a hit with the ladies, for sure.

4) Charlie Sheen. Speaking of Mad Men, how about dressing up like Charlie Sheen? You will need the cigarette -- sorry. But if you don't have to act to be a freak and you have drug and cigarette addictions you would like to take to the party, then Charlie Sheen is just the costume for you.

5) Joe Biden. This one is easy. Mumble a lot. And do nothing. It doesn't matter what you wear, since nobody really much of Vice President Biden anyway.

6) Sarah Palin. You know the look. Do that, then add a few touches -- like maybe a snowmobiling outfit, or a Glen Rice NBA jersey. Carry along a copy of People magazine, which Palin is said to enjoy, and you've got it made.

7) Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former California governor and muscle-man did it up with the family maid and had a baby that didn't belong to Maria. If that's not scary, then what is? Thus, Arnold will be hot this Halloween. Not even a witch can inflict that pain that Arnold can.

8) Anthony Weiner. He's got a funny name, and he was involved in an embarrassing sex scandal. The former House member who had to quit because he Tweeted photos of something that matches with his last name is hot this Halloween.

9) Ron Paul. He hates the Fed, his droopy cheeks result in a constant frown, and he's a Republican presidential candidate for the United States that Jon Stewart of The Daily Show loves. If that's not both funny and scary, then nothing is. Ron Paul for President, and Halloween. You heard it here first.

10) Amy Winehouse. There's nothing funny about the fact that Amy Winehouse died. But she was one heck of a singer -- among the best in recent decades, with that sultry style and velvet voice. Though she did struggle mightily with addiction. What better way to honor her legacy than Amy Winehouse lives, on Halloween 2011. Talk about rehab, and maybe Blake, get a good wig, a nice short skirt, and bring Amy back to life.