Happy New Year! The year 2012 is just hours away in the United States.

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The New Year is traditionally a time of resolutions. To read the resolutions of Kim Kardashian, 50 Cent, Piers Morgan, Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Biel, Taylor Swift and others, click here.

What are some popular Near Year's resolutions? Spend more time with family, exercise more, lose weight, cut debt, read more books and get to sleep earlier are some popular choices.

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The most iconic symbol in the U.S. of the New Year is likely the Time Square ball drop. The theme of the ball drop for 2012 is Let There Be Friendship and Lady Gaga and Michael Bloomberg will do the honors. For comprehensive information and tips on how to watch it online or in person, click here.

Below are the countdown clocks for 2012 for major U.S. cities. The year 2012 has already reached Guam, will shortly arrive at the East Coast, and then hit the West Coast.