Many Twitter users chose to say "Happy Resurrection Day" instead of "Happy Easter" on Sunday. Reuters

Instead of “Happy Easter,” many Twitter users chose to write “Happy Resurrection Day” on Easter Sunday. Popular trends of the day were hashtags like “He Has Risen.”

For many, Easter has become muddled with the mythical Easter Bunny and pastel-colored eggs -- symbols of fertility and rebirth some believe stem from pagan beliefs. For people not concerned with the materialistic symbols and more interested in the true meaning of the Christian holiday, “Resurrection Day” makes sense.

The most important holiday of the year for Christians, Easter Sunday marks the day Jesus Christ rose to heaven three days after his death by crucifixion. The Bible teaches that Jesus sacrificed his life for his followers.

Some wonder whether Easter is actually a pagan holiday, especially since the name “Easter” sounds ironically close to Eostre, wthe name of a Northern European fertility goddess whose symbol was a rabbit. There’s also the story of Ishtar the Babylonian, East Semitic Akkadian and Assyrian goddess of sex, war, fertility and love. Ishtar, also known as Inanna, was hung naked at the stake and revived before she rose from the underworld. Sound familiar?

Here's what some Twitter users who observe Easter as a Christian holiday had to say:

Some wished peace for others.

But not everyone took the holiday seriously. A few shared a couple of jokes on the social media site this Sunday.

Aside from HRD, He has risen was another popular trend on Sunday.

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