Harold Camping's campaign to warn the world about the End Times is now over.

We're taking down the billboards, he said in his weekly Open Forum radio program.  Also gone are the tracts and caravans.

Camping, two days after his failed May 21st prediction, declared that May 21st's judgment was spiritual.  After the spiritual judgment will be the physical judgment on October 21, 2011, he said. 

Before May 21st, the world wasn't in judgment and salvation could still be obtained by people, he said.  That's why he and his followers spent millions of dollars and countless hours preaching the message of the End Times.

On May 21st, the world - more specifically the non-believers in it - was judged.  Therefore, there is no longer the need to preaching the message of warning now that judgment was already decided.

Camping said Family Radio will return to normal programming for the edification of God's believers - until the world ends on October 21, 2011, he said.

He refused to take any responsibility for people who have sold their homes and abandoned their families in anticipation of the Rapture.  He said he never claimed spiritual authority over anyone (except his wife) and that all he ever did was point to the Bible.

He said whenever he received calls from his listeners about financial decisions regarding the End Times, he always told them to pray about it.

It's between them and God, he said.

He also emphasized that the vast majority of people did not sell their material possessions - the few that did, of course, received disproportional media attention.