The Civil Defense in Hawaii has urged all residents to prepare for a possible tsunami on Saturday, following a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake off Chile which sent waves across the Pacific Ocean.

The possible destructive tsunami that is estimated to first arrive at about 11:19 a.m Saturday local time (4:19 p.m. EST).

Each county's civil defense agency will advise residents if coastal areas will be evacuated.

Hawaiians are advised to visit for a mapping tool to see if you live or work in an evacuation zone.

The civil agency advised residents to have an emergency plan to locate family members if they become separated, and to prepare an emergency supply kit.

The kit should include food and water for at least three days, along with clothes and bedding to keep warm. Food should be high energy non-perishables and kept in sealed air-tight containers.

Meanwhile, the Hawaiian Department of Transportation (DOT) has also urged all shipping agents and shipping companies to get their ships out of port as soon as possible, according to local Hawaiian news agency.

We are urging people not to panic, said the DOT spokeswoman, Tammy Mori.

It's important that those in low-lying areas can get to higher ground. We want to remind people that they have five hours to evacuate after the alarms sound.

The tsunami warning follows a massive magnitude-8.8 earthquake which struck south-central Chile early on Saturday, killing at least 78 people and knocked down buildings.