Hayden Panettiere and streaker
Hayden Panettiere was interrupted by a streaker at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Reuters

Hayden Panettiere looked shocked, amused, and creeped out - all at once - when a streaker interrupted her at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Panettiere was beginning her presentation speech for Best Song when a young man came running and jumping from the backstage area wearing nothing. He was identified by the UK's Daily Mail as actor David Monahan, a Belfast native.

Omigod, Panettiere said when he made his appearance to much screaming and cheering from the audience.

She took it all in stride, however, and chatted with the exhibitionist.

Hello there, she said, holding out her microphone.

Hello, he said, covering his nether regions with his hands.

He complimented her on her work on Heroes, saying he was a big fan.

Thank you, she said. You should come grab a pint with us after.

I would love that, he responded. I don't have my phone on me though. You know what? I'll just leave you to it and I'll see you at the aftershow?

She nodded, the audience cheered, and he raised his arms in victory -- exposing himself again -- before running off of the stage.

Well that was different, Panettiere said when he left. Here are the nominees for Best Song.

And if the night wasn't weird enough for Panettiere, that category's winner -- Lady Gaga for Born This Way -- just had to give her a pat on the booty.

Monahan, 24, told the Daily Mail's Web site, Mail Online, just how he managed to streak his way over to Panettiere.

I undressed in a backstage store room and considering Lady Gaga is walking about with a flying saucer on her head, not many people notice a guy with a black blanket wrapped around him, he said.

Several people commented on Twitter about the streaker incident.

Tweeted one person: Anyone who thinks that wasn't set up is stupid. Fake fake fake.

But Monahan insisted it was not set up.

Two friends of mine work for the security company, he told Mail Online. They got me in but they didn't know I was going to storm the stage.