“He abused me first,” said Richard Gale. On the internet, Gale is known as the 12-year-old who taunted and repeatedly punched 15-year-old Casey Heynes. When Heynes finally had enough, he charged Gale, grabbed him, picked him up, and slammed him down the ground (Gale sustained no serious injuries).

After the incident happened, a video was posted on YouTube under the title of “Casey the Punisher.” Since the posting, it spread like wildfire on popular social media websites and was subsequently covered by Australian and international TV programs.

At first, Heynes, his sister, and his father were interviewed on TV program ACA Sunday. Below is the video:

In this interview, Heynes claims Gale came “out of nowhere,” grabbed him by the shirt, and started punching him (as seen in ACA Sunday’s video clip). Heynes said he then “snapped” and retaliated.

Moreover, Heynes said he has been a victim of bullying ever since he can remember. In high school, someone started the bullying process and all his friends then “ditched” him.

Now, on TV program Today Tonight, Gale, his mother, and his father have spoken out. His parents say he has been demonized on the internet. As for Gale, he alleges that Heynes abused him first.

He said Heynes “mouthed off” at him, pushed him, and then ran; this sequence of events that happened prior to the fight wasn’t shown on the 47-second YouTube posting, according to Gale.

“It made me angry,” said Gale, when asked why he went on to attack Heynes.

Below is the Today Tonight interview: