• A heart attack is a life-threatening condition that must be prevented
  • Sticking  to a healthy diet and lifestyle are among the most profound ways to prevent it
  • Health experts claim a vegan diet may be the best

A heart attack occurs the moment that the heart lacks blood supply. This is life-threatening, and it could lead to death when there is no proper medical intervention. There are ways, however, that could possibly ward off the occurrence of the condition. Through the right kind of diet, you may be able to stay healthy and prevent a heart attack. As per health experts, there is one diet that has been proven to be very effective at giving you a healthy heart.

Go Vegan

While some people may not find it entirely appealing, health experts attest that a vegan diet is very effective in keeping the heart at its healthiest. This kind of diet can help prevent the possibility of a heart attack since it is certified as heart-healthy.

heart attack vegan diet
heart attack vegan diet RitaE - Pixabay

As per Medichecks, a company that supplies medical test kits that could be used at home, analyzing a data of more than 21,000 residents in the UK showed how a vegan diet proved beneficial for their health. According to the results of their study, they found that those who stick to a vegan diet have lower than average glucose levels. They also had increased levels of good cholesterol, and obviously, have low bad cholesterol levels.

Because of these outstanding numbers, the end result is a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Thus, it greatly lowers the risk of a heart attack from happening.

Data Analysis

The data that Medichecks analyzed involved 943 vegans and 20,607 non-vegans. The company collected data for more than 12 months. Medical experts of the company who looked into the data found that the vegans were said to be “healthier.”

The study conducted by Medichecks occurs during January. It is the month where Veganuary is very popular. During this month, many would pledge that they would shun animal products and would only eat plant-based products. In fact, during this month, popular fast-food chains would offer products that do not contain any ingredients from animals.

Dr. Natasha Fernando, head of Medichecks’ clinical excellence, revealed one case of a patient who feels unusually tired and low energy. It was found that she had type 2 diabetes. After two months of going wholefoods plant-based vegan diet, she was able to drop 5 kg and have gained a normal BMI, a far cry from her previous overweight BMI.

With statements from Dr. Fernando, as well as other health experts, those who are having problems with diabetes and heart disease may wish to go vegan. Now maybe the perfect time to join Veganuary.