A Cavalcade Of Brawls Blizzard

This week, Hearthstone celebrates its 100th Tavern Brawl with “A Cavalcade Of Brawls!” Each class is playing a previous Tavern Brawl, meaning every deck has its own set of rules. Each deck is pre-made, even if the original Tavern Brawl allowed you to build a deck beforehand. Like every Brawl on the list, winning requires massive amount of luck. If RNG is not on your side, it doesn’t matter if you pick the best class.

Here’s every class and what Tavern Brawl they are bringing this week.

Rogue - Valeera’s Bag Of Burgled Spells - A deck full of random spells that summon a minion of the same cost when played.

Druid - Idols Of Azeroth- Your whole deck is full of Raven Idols.

Mage - Too Many Portals- Jaina’s deck is full of seven random Mage cards and 23 Unstable Portals.

Shaman - Party Portals- The whole deck is full of Portal cards, which are discounted by one.

Warrior - Banana Brawl- Each time one of your minions die, you get a random banana buff card.

Hunter - Randomonium- Every turn, the mana costs of your cards are randomized. A King Krush can cost one mana, while an Animal Companion can cost as much as Deathwing.

Priest - Cloneball! - Your deck is full of random Legendaries that can be discounted by three when you use the card Offensive Play .

Warlock - ShiftCon- Numerous Shifter Zerus’ are in the deck, along with a few spells to make winning at least possible.
Paladin - Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts - Each time you play a minion, a random spell is cast on a random target.

If you just want to pick the best deck to get your free Classic Pack, I recommend Rogue or Mage. Both classes get Brawls with discounted cards that allow for strong early games, which can snowball into an easy win. Valeera gets double the value from any card she plays, which can be hard for classes like Warrior or Paladin to play against. Playing Snipe , getting a Knife Juggler and then a Mimic Pod into Tar Creeper is just plain naughty. Jaina gets good use out of her spells and the random Partygoers she can summon are cheap and powerful.

If you’re playing Warlock or Druid, you’re just asking to get your butt whooped. Their Tavern Brawls were bad the first time around and they are just as bland and weak stacked up against the competition. Shifter Zerus is a lousy card in any format, so why would you want a whole deck of them? Raven Idol is nice, but wasting that one mana per turn on a card that only lets you Discover an option is pretty lackluster.

Do you think Blizzard should have released a cooler Tavern Brawl for number 100 or is “A Cavalcade Of Brawls” exactly what you wanted? Tell us in the comments.