In September, Tiffany Li's murder trial began in Redwood City, California. At that time, she had been accused of killing her ex-boyfriend Keith Green over custody issues pertaining to their two daughters. Prosecutors stated that they believed she had lured Green to her Hillsborough home, shot him, and then had paid Olivier Adella to dispose of his body.

Ultimately, she was found not guilty and was free to return home. However, that was not the case for others involved, including her boyfriend, Kaveh Bayat, who could be retried in the future.

Now, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has also revealed that he has decided not to file any further charges against Adella pertaining to Green's murder. Wagstaffe additionally stated that he intended to have the previous plea deal with him reinstated, according to the Palo Alto Daily Post.

Regarding the reasoning behind the decision, the attorney said that while he believed Adella did, in fact, move Green's body to the location where it was ultimately recovered, he was not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that he had been involved in any other way. This is in stark contrast to what Li's defense had suggested over the course of the trial as they had argued that Adella was in actuality the person behind the crime.

During the course of the trial, Adella had been scheduled to testify against both Li and her co-defendant and boyfriend, Kaveh Bayat, but had been arrested subsequently after reportedly contacting a witness for the defense. The DA's office had then decided to drop his plea deal.

Adella is said to be remaining in custody until his Jan. 10 court date, at which time he will be formally sentenced for his charge of accessory to murder. Per the Palo Alto Daily News, he is expected to be dismissed at that time as he has already served three years awaiting trial.

As for Bayat, the jury had deadlocked 6-6 on his guilt, as reported by KRON4. Prosecutors have until Dec. 19 to re-file charges against Bayat if they decide to move forward with further legal action. At this time, reports the Mercury News, he remains behind bars.

crime scene
This is a representational image showing a crime scene tape in Sunset Valley, Texas, on March 20, 2018. Getty Images/Scott Olson