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  • SB19's leader Pablo celebrated his 29th birthday on Thursday
  • A'TIN around the world celebrated his birthday with different activities
  • Fans trended #KaarawanNiSB19Pablo and "ARAW NI OLBAP" on X

As Pablo turned another year older Thursday, SB19 fans – more popularly known as A'TIN – from across the globe celebrated his 29th birthday through different events and birthday ads to show the SB19 leader their love and support even from afar.

On Pablo's birthday, the hashtag #KaarawanNiSB19Pablo and the taglines "ARAW NI OLBAP" and "PABLO DDAY BOOGSH" filled X, formerly Twitter, with birthday messages from A'TIN, as well as photos of events and gimmicks for the birthday boy.

From setting up birthday billboard ads to organizing cup sleeve events with other A'TIN, check out how the SB19 fandom celebrated Pablo's birthday.


New York City

U.S. A'TIN went all out and set up a birthday billboard at New York Times Square with a birthday message for Pablo that read, "Happy birthday to our pinuno (leader)! Thank you for everything that you do. It's amazing how you juggle everything at the same time. SLMT. You make the impossible possible. You are loved. Happy birthday, Pablo."

An SB19 fan account uploaded a video of another birthday ad for Pablo, which was also shown on the digital billboard at Times Square.

In the "Gento"-themed birthday ad, A'TIN wrote, "Happy birthday, Pablo! Maligayang Kaarawan, Pablo! You've always been a sweet and caring leader. You are an inspiration to everyone. Your determination and passion for work [are] admirable. Our alpha, La Luna! We love you!"



In cooperation with @thepablohouses, a group of fanbases supporting Pablo, A'TIN celebrated the SB19's leader with banner ads placed on tuk-tuks.

Eight tuk-tuks were sponsored by A'TIN Thailand to carry and display Pablo's birthday banner ads. Fans can spot the tuk-tuks until Oct. 13 around Sala Daeng in Bangkok.

Ever since, A'TIN Thailand has shown its support for SB19's milestones, promotions, events and birthdays with tuk-tuk banners.



In the Philippines, A'TIN gathered at the Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao, to celebrate Pablo's birthday together. The event titled "Panukit: Paghinga, Pag-Alalay, Pag-Ukit" showcased different booths, workshops and activities for A'TIN attendees.

Other A'TIN prepared different Pablo-related fanmade merch to give away to other members of the fandom.

A huge birthday billboard ad for Pablo was also set up at EDSA Galleria Corporate Center Thursday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. PHT.

LED birthday billboard ads for Pablo were also spotted on display along the Guadalupe area and the Gateway Mall in Cubao.

Meanwhile, in Davao City, A'TIN gathered together for "Planting P:Lairs" to plant 300 Almon Lauan at the Mini Watershed Rehabilitation in Davao.

The Almon Lauan is said to be a plant that can only be found in Davao City.



A'TIN in Singapore set up four digital screen birthday ads at Singapore's MRT Station 1, which can be viewed until Sunday.

Fans also organized a private birthday event for Pablo on Thursday at a cafe in Singapore and gathered A'TIN in the country for a Baybayin workshop, interactive cup sleeve event, games and more. The organizers also designed and produced a limited edition Pablo fan pack.


United Arab Emirates

A'TIN Abu Dhabi, United A'TIN and Arabian Wolf UAE organized a birthday event and gathered SB19 fans in the United Arab Emirates to celebrate Pablo's special day together.

UAE A'TIN had fun games and performances and gave away fanmade Pablo-inspired merchandise to the attendees.

SB19 Pablo
SB19 member Pablo at Universal Studios Singapore.