Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8 at the age of 96. The mourners have covered London's Green Park and Hyde Park with floral tributes to pay respect to the late monarch.

Even after the final service held Monday, mourners were allowed to pay their tribute by placing flowers at the royal parks. Green Park is the primary location for placing floral tributes as it is near the Buckingham Palace.

However, the tributes will not be retained there forever.

"Once floral tributes are removed, they will be taken to the Hyde Park nursery for processing to remove any remaining packaging, cards and labels and to separate plant material for composting in nearby Kensington Gardens," The Royal Parks organization said.

"This organic composted material will be used on shrubberies and landscaping projects across the Royal Parks."

The floral tributes in the other parks will also be "brought to The Green Park and Hyde Park on a regular basis. Any tributes at other sites, however, that have already deteriorated will be moved directly to the Hyde Park nursery for processing and composting."

According to the official website of the royal parks, visitors are free to click photographs.

However, accessing the parks to leave "floral tributes may not be possible during ceremonial activities due to the large crowds expected, and there are expected to be queues to access the Floral Tribute Gardens."

Lighting candles are also permitted, but required to "light and leave candles in the designated sanded areas." It is not recommended to "bring non-floral objects/artefacts such as teddy bears or balloons."

While mourners are allowed to get any form of floral tribute, it is suggested to lay organic or compostable material at the parks.

"The public will be asked to remove all wrapping from floral tributes and place these in the bins provided," the official park website mentioned. "Removing the wrapping will aid the longevity of the flowers and will assist in subsequent composting which will start between one week and a fortnight after the date of the funeral."

The burial ceremony took place Monday evening as the queen was buried at King George VI Memorial Chapel. The former queen of the United Kingdom was buried beside her husband, Prince Philip, who died last year in April.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride leads a military parade in downtown Ottawa, Canada for a memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II