• A series of Tweets by game designer/producer/director Hideo Kojima over the weekend has people speculating on what his next project will be
  • The man behind "Metal Gear" and "Metal Gear Solid" has previously said that he'd be interested in working once more with his "Death Stranding" lead actor, Norman Reedus
  • Aside from a sequel or another game set in the "Death Stranding" world, Kojima has also discusses doing smaller games, a manga, or a movie

Renowned video game designer, producer, and director Hideo Kojima teased what his next project would be on Twitter, leaving fans to speculate that it could be “Death Stranding 2.”

The man who designed genre-defining titles in “Metal Gear” and “Metal Gear Solid” tweeted that he was designing his “new title” will his long-time collaborator and character artist Yoji Shinkawa, said Video Games Chronicle. He and Shinkawa were discussing “the setting for each character, the background, the world, the color, the characteristics, the roles, the images, ideas, and keyword.”

A subsequent Tweet saw Kojima posting an image of a vehicle of some sort with “Bridges” on it. Bridges is a company featured in the most recent game Kojima designed, 2019’s “Death Stranding.”

A PlayStation 4 exclusive title, “Death Stranding” was the first title from Kojima Productions after separating from Konami in 2015. It starred Norman Reedus of “The Walking Dead” fame as the playable character Sam Porter Bridges, a courier who has to navigate the United States that has been invaded by creatures from a realm between life and death.

According to Kojima, “Death Stranding” sold enough copies to recover its high development costs. 505 Games is scheduled to release a PC version of the game this July.

Reedus himself has said that he was in talks to work on another project with Kojima Productions after striking up a friendship with Kojima. Aside from “Death Stranding,” Reedus was previously signed up to work on the canceled reboot of popular horror game franchise “Silent Hill.”

“We did ‘Death Stranding,’ which was a huge hit, and we’re in talks to do other stuff,” Reedus said to Wired in an interview. He later added that he was “talking to Hideo about maybe doing some Death Stranding stuff,” possibly a sequel to the game or even a DLC.

For his part, Video Games Chronicle reports that Kojima has expressed his own desire to reunite with Reedus whether on a “Death Stranding” sequel or on a follow-up title that he “would start from zero.” Kojima has also said that he’d be interested in making smaller games like digital-only titles even as he works on Kojima Productions’ next major title.

Kojima and the previously mentioned Shinkawa have also shown interest in working on some manga or even a movie, which would be departures from their bread and butter working on video games.

Kojima grew up obsessively watching movies, and his games are known for their cinematic quality
Kojima grew up obsessively watching movies, and his games are known for their cinematic quality AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU