A puppy called Patch is gaining popularity for his uncanny resemblance to one of the most infamous faces in history.

The 7-week-old French bulldog and a shih tzu crossbreed is being called “Adolf” or the “Hitler Puppy” for being the canine doppelganger of Adolf Hitler. With a large spot of dark brown hair that covers his left ear and a dark patch above his mouth, Patch became famous after his family posted a photo on Facebook, the Yorkshire Press reports.

“He’s my grandson’s dog, and none of us noticed the likeness until we put a photo on Facebook. When my eldest daughter saw it she said ‘You’ve got a little Hitler there,’ Lynda Whitehead of York, England, told the news outlet.

Patch’s mother and father, Betty and Teddy respectively, belong to Lynda’s daughter. Her 17-year-old son Dan takes care of Patch. The three puppies in Patch’s litter will stay in Lynda’s home until they are 12 weeks old.

Despite Patch’s resemblance to the Nazi tyrant, she says Patch is a gentle puppy.

“He is a lovely little thing. All of them are, but he is the gentlest of them all. He will sit on your lap and just look at you, until he falls asleep,” she said. “One of his brothers should be Hitler, he has the attitude. He’s the runt of the litter so he’s had to fight a bit more.”

After his photo went viral, some say he bears a resemblance to other, less notorious historical figures.

“Couldn't you say Charlie Chaplin instead?” one Facebook commenter writes.

“What an insult to the poor dog, he doesn´t look anything like him,” another says.

Patch isn’t the only animal to bear a resemblance to Hitler. A slew of cats, cows pigs and monkeys that look like Hitler have appeared on Tumblr blogs, Buzzfeed articles and Pinterest boards.