News about Google Reader’s departure this July has affected many, but perhaps Adolf Hitler is taking it the hardest.

In a funny YouTube video published Thursday, a scene taken from the 2004 film "Downfall" is subtitled with witty quips about the Nazi leader finding out that Google Reader is shutting down.

Actor Bruno Ganz, who portrays Hitler in the film is seated in front of a map of Germany. His top generals surround him as they reveal that his army’s final offensive was unsuccessful and defeat is imminent, describes.

“How dare they take away Google Reader? I have over 300 feeds there!!” The subtitles read as Ganz screams in German, his face shiny with sweat.   

“They need to focus on fewer projects,” one of the commanders replies before Hitler interrupts him yelling, “BUT GOOGLE READER IS PERFECT AS IT IS!!???”

The video has more than 2,000 likes and 700 views. For the video's creator,  the message behind the clip was personal.

"There was a lot of things I wanted to get of my chest as long time user and fan of Google Reader. I was actually quite saddened by the news. It feels as a step in the wrong direction for Google, to a more closed environment," YouTube poster and video creator leebdough said in an email to IBTimes describing his intention behind making the viral hit.

The video is one of many "Downfall" memes using the infamous Nazi leader.

Others include Hitler’s reaction to the subprime mortgage crisis, news that his XBOX Live gaming account has been banned and his disappointment over Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards in 2009.

In a blog post published today Google said it would be ending its Google Reader service which lets users keep tabs on their favorite websites using RSS feeds. Google says users can export their data using its Takeout service and transfer it to an alternative RSS reader.  

Toward the end of the clip, Hitler poses the same question, “What are my alternatives now? I mean seriously ... NetNewsWire? Is that still up and running?”

Yes, Hitler it is. On Mac and iOS.

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