The same college student, Andrew Hales, who is best known for his YouTube channel Losing All Hope Was Freedom has unveiled his latest prank video in his popular web series called Holding Hands With Strangers.

The concept of 22-year-old Hales' mission is simple; He walks up to a stranger on campus at Utah Valley University in Orem, holds the random person's hand and waits for a reaction. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, was at more than 700,000 views by Wednesday morning, nearing its way to one million clicks in just two days. The reactions from victims of the prank range from laughter to uncomfort to revolt, which you can see in the video below.

But this isn't the first time Hales has stormed YouTube. Hales has created his own channel named from a line from Fight Club called Losing All Hope Was Freedom (LAHWF), where he has a dozen videos featuring people reacting in awkward situations created by Hales. His reel includes self-explanatory videos like Holding The Door Open For People That Are Far Away, Almost Picking Up Chicks and Staring At People.

There's always a few people that are uncomfortable with it and we always ask them afterwards if they want to be in the video, Hales told ABC. We just come up with them like what would be funny to do and interesting to film and just what would be awkward in public, you know.

And Hales doesn't just do the pranks for fun or amusement, though; He actually profits from his YouTube channel, which he hired a professional video editor to shoot and edit.

I've supplemented my income with the ads, the college student told ABC. I'm making a little bit of money from that and that's helped to pay the bills. It's cool.

Hales told ABC that the videos along with an Italian ice cart and plasma donations is helping him pay his way through college at Utah Valley University, where he is studying for his bachelor's degree in public relations.

View the video by Andrew Hales of LAHWF Holding Hands With Strangers below.