"Dance Moms"
"Dance Moms" stars Holly Frazier, right, and Abby Lee Miller went head-to-head in "The Understudies" Tuesday night. "Dance Moms" airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime. Lifetime/DanceMoms

The Abby Lee Dance Company went head-to-head against longtime rivals the Candy Apples on Tuesday night’s episode of “Dance Moms,” but it’s the battle off the dance floor that is getting the most buzz. After a tumultuous week of rehearsals at the ALDC’s Pittsburgh studio, dance mom Holly Frazier and coach Abby Lee Miller battled it out backstage at Sheer Talent in Wayne, New Jersey, on June 14.

After several days of the moms keeping track of Miller’s controversial critiques of their children in an effort to build up her go-to dancer, Maddie Ziegler, Miller lashed out at Frazier for defending her daughter, Nia. “You know I had this wonderful plan for Nia next week, she was going to do a Maya Angelou piece and now, it’s like, you know what Holly? Go take those big, flat feet somewhere else. I could care less,” Miller told Frazier after the dance mom called the coach's infamous teaching style inappropriate.

“You want me to make your child better, but yet you want to hold me accountable for my teaching methods. Nobody would know Nia’s name if it wasn’t for me,” said Miller.

Frazier retaliated by calling the situation sad and scolding Miller for punishing Nia, now 13, by benching her solo because of their disagreement. “You’re a grown woman taking it out on a little kid,” said Frazier.

“I’m not taking anything out on a little kid and Nia is 12!” yelled Miller. “She could have kids! She could get married in some countries!”

Miller’s tirade drew a furious response from the normally demure dance mom. “You’re ugly,” she told Miller before leaving the scene of the argument. “What you say is absolutely ugly and you’re a nasty woman. You have crossed the line.”

Following her fight with the moms, Miller, in an effort to seek revenge, pulled her group’s routine “Playing With Matches,” which further infuriated Frazier. “She’s a coward and she cannot take responsible and be accountable for her actions,” she said. “She’s sabotaging our kids.”

Unfortunately for Miller, Frazier’s wrath continued after the episode’s conclusion Tuesday night, the “Dance Moms” star taking to social media to express her anger over the coach’s actions. “I was horrified by Abby’s comments! She crossed the line!! She’s mad… Who cares- I am livid!!!” Frazier said on Twitter. “If Abby does not want a mom to be upset with her, then do not say such vile and nasty comments about my daughter … No mother would allow a teacher to make those comments about their child and be silent. I would do it again- dance or no dance."

Frazier went on to bash Miller’s decision to pull the group routine from the competition. “If Abby thinks it was ok to pull the group dance then she looks foolish! What kind of teacher does that?” said Frazier. “Pulling the group number was a misuse of power. Abby’s comments were offensive and she needed to be held accountable.”

Miller tweeted her response to the fight: "I'd say they have the b****ing and complaining covered!!!! Too bad there's no nationals for that lol #DanceMoms"

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.