Depending on your level of cynicism, you were either shocked or blasé when 37-year-old Maggie Gyllenhaal revealed that a Hollywood producer told her she was too old to play the love interest of a 55-year-old actor. What may still shock is how comfortable male-dominated Hollywood is with May/December romances -- when the older party, sometimes way older, is a man. Or how long it's been going on.

Comedian Amy Schumer took a stab at Hollywood's double standard regarding gender, age and romantic leads in her scathing "Inside Amy Schumer" skit about three actresses celebrating the last day Julia Louis-Dreyfus is considered sexually attractive. Talking about Hollywood's decision-makers (largely men) Dreyfus says gratefully, "No one was more surprised than me that they let me stay f------- throughout my forties and the fact that it continued into my fifties. I thought 'US Weekly' made a clerical error."

When Schumer asks, "Who tells men when it’s their last f------- day?" Dreyfus and her friends, Patricia Arquette and Tina Fey, laugh heartily. "Honey, men don’t have that day," says Arquette. Evidence below.