Forbes has released a list of Hollywood's most overpaid stars for the year 2011.

According to Forbes' Web site, the organization gathered information from each of three films the 40 highest-paid actors starred in. Specifically, for an actor to qualify to this list, he or she had to had to have starred in at least three films over the past five years and each of these films should have opened in more than 500 theaters. Animation films, the Web site adds, were not considered.

The rankings system added each actor's upfront and back-end pay on all three movies to come up with a total compensation figure. On the other hand, it totaled the operating income of all three movies. The two totals were then divided, leaving a return-on-nvestment figure for each actor -- the number represents how much each studio makes for every dollar it invests in the actor.

Topping the list of overpaid actors is Drew Barrymore, whose films get a return of 40 cents for every dollar invested. Next in line is comedian Eddie Murphy, whose films make $2.70 for every dollar he is paid.

Check out the list below to find out who follows Murphy.