• The homeless man rushed to join good samaritans in rescuing the crash victims
  • He helped pull the officer out of the car and kept talking to him
  • The homeless man also reunited with his family after they saw him on TV

A homeless man was lauded for jumping in and saving a deputy from a burning vehicle in Houston, Texas on Wednesday.

The officer was chasing after a robbery suspect when his car crashed into a woman's black Kia. The female driver died while two children, also in her car, were hospitalized.

Johnny Walker was among the good samaritans that rushed to help survivors from the crash after the Harris County Sheriff's Office deputy's vehicle collided with the woman’s car. Five other vehicles were also struck in the aftermath, according to ABC13.

“I'm homeless. I was doing some work for someone,” Walker told the publication. “I was taking some tools back when I heard 'boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.' I ran out here to see what it is and I saw a lot of cars, but I paid attention to the fire. My instincts were to go to that car and help him out because he was crushed in on both sides."

The collision caused the deputy’s vehicle to briefly go up in flames. “I thought it was going to blow up,” Walker said.

“Nobody was trying to make an effort, so when I went on one side, couldn't get in,” Walker continued. “I jumped over the car, two more youngsters came and jumped behind me. We pulled him. I opened the door and got him out. We picked him up, put him over the car, took him inside the store.”

Walker said he kept speaking with the deputy and telling him that help is on the way. He also wished he could have done more to save the woman, who lost her life as a result of the chase behind the suspected robber.

"I think I was at the right place at the right time, being homeless," teary-eyed Walker told the publication. "I tried to help that lady. She passed though."

Walker was praised for helping save the life of the deputy, who was rushed to the Memorial Hermann Hospital. The 5-year-old and two-year-old children from the black Kia were also rushed to the hospital; the older child is critical while the younger one is stable, authorities said.

"Sometimes you have to make a choice. That car was on fire. I could lose my life," Walker recalled. "I didn't know who was in the other car. My heart just goes out to them and their family."

The incident not only left Walker being hailed a hero but also helped him reunite with his family. About three weeks back, Walker’s family was told that he may have been killed in a stabbing incident. They searched hospitals and morgues for his remains but found nothing. However, on Thursday, they saw Walker on television for saving the deputy from the fiery wreckage.

Weeks of search came to an end after Walker's sister, Monica Collins, went to the scene and found him, KHOU 11 reported.

"When we got to him, he was just really upset that he couldn’t help the lady," Collins said.

Collins now hopes to stay in touch with Walker and even set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her “good-hearted” brother who "has been through a lot of hard times."

Representative image Credit: Pixabay