What does getting shot feel like? Just like the movies, according to rapper Honey Cocaine, who spilled her guts on a wide range of topics during a Q&A with her fans on Twitter, including when she was shot in March during Tyga's Rack City tour.

The hashtag #AskHoneyCocaine blew up on the micro-blogging site Friday with legions of Honey Cocaine fans asking the Toronto-born female rapper about her life. Hone Cocaine initiated the Q&A session with the tweet, #AskHoneyCocaine.. NOW!

The female rapper also teased her fans when it comes to her sexuality. When asked if she was straight, she replied, I like to have fun.

Honey Cocaine fan Andrew Taylor asked her what's it like being shot?

Just like the movies, the rapper responded.

The Omaha, Neb., Police Department was investigating the shooting, which occurred after a rowdy concert during Tyga' Rack City tour March 19, the Associated Press reported at the time.

Honey Cocaine tweeted the shooting incident to her fans, saying got shot and I'm not dead followed by the hashtag #LoveLifeAndGod.

Omaha police said a heated argument erupted between Tyga's entourage and concert-goers at Omaha's Sokol Auditorium, according to the AP.

As patrons exited the venue, a short fistfight broke out, followed by shots being fired from a car as Tyga and his entourage entered their tour bus.

That's when a woman was hit by gunfire in the arm and she suffered a non-life-threatening injury, Lt. David Sedlecek said, according to KETV.com. A male victim also had a graze wound to his left hip, Sedlecek said.

There have been no arrests from the incident, according to the AP.

During the Twitter Q&A, Honey Cocaine says her fame hasn't changed how she acts even though her level of wealth has.

Same b---- but the money different, she said.

The Q&A revealed Honey Cocaine like to spend Sundays with cartoons, rice and some Pac, referring to late rapper Tupac Shakur.

When Honey Cocaine's not rapping and performing, she loves playing sports, eating chicken and shopping.

With all her fame and fortune, Honey Cocaine said she doesn't take cues from a stylist.

I wear what I feel like, she said in response to Twitter fan @distortedlove_.